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About the founder

 Sandra Chukwudumebi Obiora is many things. A lover of God, a PhD student, a Language Enthusiast, an Audio Technician, a Motivational Speaker, an Artist, a Writer, a Lover of tennis and all things Japanese anime…, and among them all, she is a poet, ambitious, and a genuine lover of good writing, art, and photography.

Key purpose of site:

This site is here in order to serve as a beautiful space for the collection of thoughts, quotes, art, poems, and awesome randoms.

We want you to come and leave inspired each time you visit. We want every viewer able to believe that they are innately incredible!

Often times we will feature works by other artist, writers, and photographers.

Potential contributors:

If you will like to be featured and published on apoetsbrain, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact page if you do cool stuff as well. Or simply write to: apoetsbrain@outlook.com

You are warmly welcomed to apoetsbrain! Don’t forget to follow 😉

My Site Motivation

“Each day, I think some thoughts and write some words… Some funny, some ridiculous, some with light or heavy touches of inspiration.

For I pride myself in being the explorer of most things ambiguous, enlightening, motivational, spiritual even. Those realities that occur just below our necessary consciousness.”

~Sandra C. Obiora

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