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About Sandy

 My full name is Sandra Chukwudumebi Obiora. I am many things. A lover of God, a PhD student of Management Science, a Language Enthusiast, an Audio Technician, a Motivational Speaker, an Artist, a Writer, a Lover of tennis and all things Japanese anime…, and among them all, i am a poet, ambitious, and a genuine lover of good writing, art, and photography.

Key purpose of site:

This site is here in order to serve as a beautiful space for the collection of thoughts, quotes, art, poems, and awesome randoms.

Often times I will feature works by other artist, writers, photographers.

Potential contributors:

If you will like to be featured on my page, don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact page if you do cool stuff as well. Or simply write to: apoetsbrain@outlook.com

You are warmly welcomed to my site. Don’t forget to follow 😉

Have a fun time here! 🙂

My Site Motivation

“Each day, I think some thoughts and write some words… Some funny, some ridiculous, some with light or heavy touches of inspiration.

For I pride myself in being the explorer of most things ambiguous, enlightening, motivational, spiritual even. Those realities that occur just below our necessary consciousness.”

~Sandra C. Obiora

A Collection of Thoughts, Quotes, Art, Poems, and Randoms

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