A letter To My Daughter

 Featured piece written by Favour Etim ©

Dear girl, You are a masterpiece that’s what God has said . Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong, because you are what God says you are. Always remember to be yourself because you are no photocopy.

Even when everyone wants to look a certain way, dress a certain way, just to meet up to the popular standards, do not be afraid to just be yourself. Do not ever let anyone define you or tell you what you are not. 

woman laughing white holding knees
Photo by rawpixel.com

Do not allow anyone to dim your shine. Give and radiate love because we live in a cruel and wicked world. Always stand up for what is right. Don’t ever stand up for what is wrong and do not remain silent when you know the truth. It is important to know the truth and stand by it . 

Be very patient with yourself. Mistakes are not bad and it’s completely fine to fall as long as you get up, dust yourself up and keep moving forward. Someday may feel like the worst of days but be patient with yourself because everything will work out just fine. Don’t ever forget that you are strong and I love you and that God loves you even more.

Daughter mine, believe in your own aesthetics, clasp it, understands it, enjoy it. Seek strong female bonds, friendships that would last a life time. Friendships that would drive you to achieve, friends that would be your family even when I’m not around.

woman holding green leafed tree
Photo by Sawan Juggessur

One more thing ………. Boys. Boys are not evil for you, however, they do not also subsist on you. Do not be crazy about pleasing them because you too do not subsist on them. They can’t make your fantasy or dreams come true. They aren’t God, neither is your dad or even Father Christmas who are men. Boys pretend to be strong all the time and really they are not. Boys can be tender if only they are carefully disciplined to be.

You will meet boys, several boys,or maybe a lot of them like I did. Some will be kind to you for an alternative motive, some will be mean and talk badly about your features but that don’t define you my love. You are beautiful and a boy doesn’t have to tell you that before you believe it. Some others will not appreciate you and think you owe them something just because you flirted with them. Always remember how to walk away.

woman jump on body of water
Photo by Tim Mossholder

Finally my daughter, the most important aspect of anyone’s life is God . Put God first . It may seem difficult to be born a female but you my dear girl can set the pace for others to follow

Written by Favour Etim © All rights reserved

About the writer 

I found this piece very intriguing not just because of the pieces of wisdom it holds but also because it has been written not by an older person or a mother but rather by a very young lady, young heart, and sharp mind.

Favour Etim is a medical student in North Sichuan Medical College. She loves Jesus, her family and friends, and she just wants to share her thoughts with the world. 

You can see more of her works by visiting: http://www.favouretimsthoughts.wordpress.com

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