An original by Oluwatobilola J. Agboola

Can we mend broken pieces of trust

trampled beneath the feet of deceit?

Can we retrieve pure spilled milk

soaked into the crust of the earth?

Can we re-build the gate of sexuality

broken down by that reckless thrust?

Can we re-mould the face of a mother

whose cheeks still remember her loss?

Can we just accept the friendship

extended by a friendly lady?

Can we just fill the cup to our need

and avoid a messy overflow instead?

Can we go back to a time

we took for granted?

Should we create a new past or

change the future with the present?

About Author:

image-1Oluwatobiloba Agboola is a creative writer and literary tutor.

Currently in his final year studying Agricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering.

He believes he’s the best in acting like himself.

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