Fighting Lonely

I can see it in your eyes that you are lonely.

Beyond your smile, your actions, your clouding thoughts.

Beyond the things you wish to feel, and the things you wish to kill.

Beyond the though thoughts and the though actions.

I can sense it in your spirit that you need a lover.

Not a lover to love but a lover to breathe.

A lover to stare at, and a lover to suffocate.

For your desperate thirst can be tasted in the air. Like licking upon shards of ice ready burst.

I can feel it in your stance that you are in denial.

For your dance is not in celebration but that of war.

For you pant and hop, hop and stump around in circles,

You put your hands around her waist whilst hanging on to the edge of your sanity.

Yet, what if you are just alone and not lonely?

What if you must at this moment be alone?

What if that lover you adore is not the right lover?

What if this time alone is the last of it’s kind?

adult alone boy building
Photo by Pixabay

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