Written 24.11.2012

You are beautiful yet you ask

How beautiful am I?

You are strong yet you look in the mirror thinking.

Am I strong enough?

You have an edge, in the way you walk, in the way you dress.

Yet you have shaken your head so often before the mirror that you fail to see.

You are talented, yet you question yourself time and again.

You are intelligent yet you demean yourself, and bow your head low.

You have great potential yet you have no patience with which to explore it.

You have great understanding and knowledge,

Yet you listen to the stupid, and laugh along with them.

You know better than to take a life. Yet you let yourself be talked into the act.

You are tough, you are brave. You are smart, you are incredible.

Still these qualities waver each time you chose to waver.

If you hear it once, believe it. If you see it twice, accept it.

When you turn away from that mirror, stand a bit taller, and silence that insecurity.

~ By Sandra C. Obiora

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